Purely Yours Purity Class

Purely Yours Purity Class

Every Sunday, from 03/26/2017 to 05/14/2017, 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM

Website: https://secure.accessacs.com/access/eventlogin.aspx?id=AlE0o1wkm0t32kLKFdbHDg==&site=105944&ReturnUrl=events%2fwz_people.aspx&ChurchID=2744&EventID=131426&sn=105944

Purely Yours is a 6-week course designed to teach young women the principles of living sexually pure lives.
The book 'Every Young Woman’s Battle' serves as a foundation for the course curriculum.  This book explores topics ranging from mental & spiritual purity, as well as physical purity that will discuss female body parts & functions, masturbation, and sexual intercourse. Coupling knowledge about the proper clinical terms for bodies & sexual activities with knowledge about the true spiritual purpose of sex & the protection that pure living provides will thoroughly equip the young ladies to live sexually pure lives.

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